My artwork examples

An image of a colour­ful brain; the source of cre­ativ­i­ty; an organ unique in it’s almost inex­haustible poten­tial neur­al path­ways. drawn in Pho­to­shop.

Left: Vec­tor draw­ing of Bart Simp­son. Mid­dle & Right: Images from my self-pub­lished book “A bur­row full of rab­bits”
Pop art example
The world, as we see it is heav­i­ly con­struct­ed with an anthro­pocen­tric bias. I’m inter­est­ed in trig­ger­ing visu­al con­cepts in inter­est­ing ways.
Left: A depic­tion of mankind’s unsus­tain­able rela­tion­ship with the earth. Mid­dle: Col­or­ful Trop­i­cal Island. Right: A summer’s day, images cre­at­ed 12 years ago whilst I was at school.
An ongo­ing art project.
With this image, I real­ly want­ed to explore sub­jec­tive per­spec­tive. Whilst we as indi­vid­u­als can’t always con­trol events, we can choose how to react to them.
Left: “psy­chonaughts” cre­at­ed in 3DS­Max for fun. Right: This was part of a very large 3D world cre­at­ed using the Unre­al engine. A video of this world is avail­able on the prod­ucts page com­plete with music I made.

Left: 3D world cre­at­ed using the Unre­al engine. Mid­dle: A 3D bowl cre­at­ed in 3Ds­max. Right: An inter­est­ing image cre­at­ed in ZBrush.

Left: 3D world cre­at­ed using the Unre­al engine. Mid­dle and Right: 3D work “Val­hal­la” cre­at­ed in 3DSMAX dur­ing the first year of my three year degree.
A scene from my E4 Est­ings entry, fea­tur­ing a danc­ing dinosaur.

My coat of arms I designed & drew.

A rather inter­est­ing image drawn by my PC based on a com­put­er pro­gram in Python.