My artwork examples

An image of a colourful brain; the source of creativity; an organ unique in it’s almost inexhaustible potential neural pathways. drawn in Photoshop.
Left: Vector drawing of Bart Simpson. Middle & Right: Images from my self-published book “A burrow full of rabbits”
Pop art example
The world, as we see it is heavily constructed with an anthropocentric bias. I’m interested in triggering visual concepts in interesting ways.
Left: A depiction of mankind’s unsustainable relationship with the earth. Middle: Colorful Tropical Island. Right: A summer’s day, images created 12 years ago whilst I was at school.
An ongoing art project.
With this image, I really wanted to explore subjective perspective. Whilst we as individuals can’t always control events, we can choose how to react to them.
Left: “psychonaughts” created in 3DSMax for fun. Right: This was part of a very large 3D world created using the Unreal engine. A video of this world is available on the products page complete with music I made.
Left: 3D world created using the Unreal engine. Middle: A 3D bowl created in 3Dsmax. Right: An interesting image created in ZBrush.
An early prototype of a game I developed in Flash called Spawn: A ‘Ribbiting’ Adventure!
Left: 3D world created using the Unreal engine. Middle and Right: 3D work “Valhalla” created in 3DSMAX during the first year of my three year degree.
A scene from my E4 Estings entry, featuring a dancing dinosaur.
My coat of arms I designed & drew.
A rather interesting image drawn by my PC based on a computer program in Python.