>> iSat LTD.
>> iSat coordinator python program
>> tmjarman website development.
>> VWORKER and freelance experiance.
>> A burrow full of rabbits – a book written and drawn for kids is available on the Kindle.
>> Spawn, a Flash game developed whilst at university.
>> Freelance work at Kinetika.
>> Some early 3DSMax work.
>> Bogus Bunny; a game I developed was nominated for an ‘E4 Grand Master Flash’ Golden Joystick award at BAFTA.

isat image

© iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck

Social Media Consultant at iSat Ltd in Farnborough.

Marketing & Sales department: Consulted & implemented online marketing strategy, website developer, designed written & artistic marketing material, prioritized workloads, managed confidential data/contacts, innovative problem solver, researcher, Web/social developer, Created schematics and assembly guides,  generated leads, created merchandising & purchased  office work.

© iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck


© iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck

*Additionally trained as a temporary accountant & covered for a colleague’s holiday time. (tracked purchase & sales orders in sage)
Examples of my work at iSat:

Above: iSat satellite feed adjustment program GUI written with Python Tkinter.

iSat coordinator python program – © iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck

I’ve been enjoying learning Python, it’s a powerful language