Developing and Mastering innate potentials for health, happiness and wellbeing.

Devel­op­ing and Mas­ter­ing innate poten­tials for health, hap­pi­ness and well­be­ing.
by David Beck

For many years I’ve been inter­est­ed in how peo­ple devel­op, and why peo­ple devel­op so dif­fer­ent­ly even with­in the same cul­ture. Whilst sci­ence has focused large­ly on the ques­tion of nature vs nur­ture, which is a very inter­est­ing field of study, I’ve been more inter­est­ed in how we can apply both a range of ancient and mod­ern tech­niques to help devel­op our innate poten­tials for health, hap­pi­ness and well­be­ing.

When I was a busi­ness stud­ies stu­dent I can across some­thing called ‘maslow’s hier­ar­chy of needs’. “Expla­na­tion”

Maslow believed self actu­al­i­sa­tion was the high­est *Need* and it’s one many peo­ple in the west neglect. I believe when peo­ple don’t live up to their full poten­tial they are left feel­ing unhap­py and this book explores steps you can take to improve your health, your feel­ing of well­be­ing and final­ly how hap­py you feel. 

When most peo­ple are chil­dren they have very lit­tle choice about how they devel­op, which lan­guage and skills they learn, about what they eat and the activ­i­ties they per­form. As they become old­er they gain more choic­es and become more inde­pen­dent but are still great­ly affect­ed by the peo­ple around them. I grew up in Britain and I’ve had to use a vari­ety of skills whilst in edu­ca­tion and work, these are using **right brain activ­i­ties** — but ben­e­fit great­ly from hav­ing devel­opt­ed oth­er areas…, or oth­er peo­ple all make these choic­es weath­er or not we realise it. 

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Innate abil­i­ties such as those on Deus Ex, must be used to be devel­oped

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Attain lev­els of aware­ness — food, body, mind, 

open up your mind to let­ting you know how you feel.