How to escape from Google — step by step guide!

So you’ve had enough of Google’s domination of the market — maybe it was that one annoying advert that followed you — that demand you read their stupid ‘terms of service’ or the recent scandal where an employee (James Damore) was fired for his ‘diversity memo’. Maybe you just don’t want a big company tracking your phone 24/7 and knowing everything you do or maybe you just want to be free like a Fox.

Step 1: Download Firefox ~ Fire­fox real­ly has come a long way in the past few years. The default search engine is Yahoo! (which seems very sim­i­lar to google though uses it’s own tech­nol­o­gy)

Yahoo! actu­al­ly feels like Google which I like. 

Addi­tion­al­ly Fire­fox will give you the option to copy your data from your pre­vi­ous brows­er — You can also install Fire­fox on your phone.

*Oth­er browsers are avail­able like Opera.

Duck­Duck Go is a great search engine too — this search engine won’t track you — give it a go!


NOTE If you want an even more secure brows­ing con­sid­er Tor. Tor is prob­a­bly overkill for most users though. 🙂

Step 2. Addons

After you down­load Fire­fox you will be giv­en a few options such as ‘Stop sneaky track­ers’ and ‘Improve Video’ — both of which have fea­tures to help pre­vent ‘cer­tain’ com­pa­nies track­ing you.

Step 3: VPN

If you want extra secure web brows­ing a Vir­tu­al Pri­vate Net­work (VPN) may be for you! A VPN will encrypt your data and make your web activ­i­ty hard­er to track. It can be turned on or off with a flick of a switch so it’s very easy to use. VPN’s are gen­er­al­ly free though upgrades may cost mon­ey.

I per­son­al­ly use Zen­mate but many oth­er VPN’s are avail­able like Hide my ass

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