My Advice? Never use Orange; they’ll rip you off!

Dear head office at orange.


I got a mobile phone for work and was very hap­py with it. A cou­ple of months lat­er I lost my job so my broth­er took over the pay­ments for my phone con­tract. Then we had some hard fam­i­ly times and had no mon­ey to keep pay­ing the con­tract so I froze my account as advised by your call cen­tre for 6 months, I only had 8 months left at that point. I was told on the phone you would tell me when the phone was due back online but I had no con­fir­ma­tion of this. A few months lat­er I received a bill stat­ing that I owed you £230 so I phoned you up and asked why you are charg­ing me this amount of mon­ey? I was told that I had been charged £130 for a dis­con­nec­tion fee and I also have to pay the last 2 months bills of £30 a month which in total is £190, I could not pay the full amount up front and did not agree with the dis­con­nec­tion fee and said I want to speak to some­one to chal­lenge it. I was told that some­one would call me back, which they didn’t. Then I had a fam­i­ly prob­lem and had to deal with that first, the next thing I knew I had a debt com­pa­ny call­ing me say­ing there is an out­stand­ing bill from orange for a pay­ment of £243.68.I have paid the bill now hav­ing bor­rowed the mon­ey from my fam­i­ly but I still dis­pute the dis­con­nec­tion fee as well as the last two months fees. I under­stood that as the phone con­tract was frozen I would not be charged. I had not used the phone over this time.


I would like to know why I have been charged so much mon­ey and what addi­tion­al fees have been added to the total for a ser­vice I had asked to be stopped.  The total was far more than if I had con­tin­ued with the month­ly fees and I am suf­fer­ing real finan­cial hard­ship as a result of your apply­ing these charges under threat of being tak­en to court.


1.            I phoned your help desk on the evening of 26.9.12 to get some infor­ma­tion about my old con­tract phone and to ask why my bill was so much mon­ey and why my con­tract was dis­con­nect­ed with­out my con­sent. I wait­ed 20 min­utes for an answer, when I got through.  I explained my prob­lem and she said how can I help you then mut­tered some­thing that sound­ed like a swear word then put the phone down on me which I find rude and offen­sive. I do not expect to be treat­ed like that it’s not accept­able.

2.            I then phoned your helpline again and I spoke to a woman who tried to be help­ful but could not find my account on your sys­tems but I have just paid £143.68 to a com­pa­ny you deal with to col­lect your non paid bills called Direct Line Col­lec­tions. If you do not have my account any­more why am I still being charged for the mon­ey? She said she will put me on hold and find out for me I was on hold which I had timed for 20 minute’s which is ridicu­lous and was not con­nect­ed back to any­one.


I would appre­ci­ate if I could talk to some­one about this prob­lem and if I could find out some more details about the charges applied to my old account and why I was charged a dis­con­nec­tion fee when I thought I was just freez­ing the account.

My con­tact details are:

Home phone 01252 512234

Mobile phone 07787168966

What type of com­pa­ny are you run­ning if your staff treats cus­tomers like this. You appear to be very dis­or­gan­ised with bad cus­tomer ser­vice and I am not hap­py with hav­ing unex­pect­ed fees applied to my account and being passed to debt col­lec­tion com­pa­nies with­out a tele­phone or writ­ten warn­ing.

Unless we are able to reach an agree­ment over this I will not be rec­om­mend­ing this com­pa­ny to any­one and will be ask­ing every­one I know to not use your com­pa­ny.

Thank you