The eden project…

… I had read about the out­side world for many years, the real­i­ty seemed very dif­fer­ent. Urban des­o­la­tion seemed ubiq­ui­tous as I waled past board­ed up hous­es, small cramped shops sell­ing scav­enged goods, kebab shops sell­ing white syn­the­sized meat made palat­able by huge amounts or salt & a chem­i­cal cock­tail of sauces. The muf­fled sound of yelling made me look up to a sec­ond floor apart­ment, a bot­tle smash, a smack, a woman cry­ing. The oth­er peo­ple in the wet dark streets paid no atten­tion as if this was a nor­mal coin­sur­ance. As I passed dark alley ways I could hear the faintest sounds, and caught the occa­sion­al glimpse, a reflec­tion, some­thing told me I should’t move away from the bright­ly lit roads. Every­where there were signs for accom­mo­da­tion, pri­vate prop­er­ty seemed to be a lux­u­ry for the rich as waves of dirty sweaty body’s pushed past me. The only pro­tec­tion from the night lay in sleep­ing pods, about 6’5 long with enough room to sleep and store your bags for the night. Many strong community’s had grown up around these sleep­ing areas, the old, the dis­abled, stu­dents and the poor: all part of this sprawl­ing group of hos­tels.

The iron tree project: This tech­nol­o­gy fus­es alu­mini­um with car­bon cre­at­ed by liv­ing plant cells. The system’s genius, aluminum’s extract­ed from the earth and car­ried up into the city in the sky. Plant cells use pho­to­syn­the­sis to cre­ate car­bon which is then fused with the alu­mini­um to cre­ate almost end­less­ly huge struc­tures and syn­the­size near­ly any use­ful prod­uct the rich peo­ple need. 

Down­sides: Nat­ur­al plants die, sun is blot­ted out for nor­mal peo­ple, the larg­er the sys­tem gets, the more ener­gy it needs. 

Huge bean stalks fly upwards towards heav­en fun­nel­ing nutri­ents up to the sky. 

**Huge amounts of coal are burned to sus­tain the sys­tem. Oil’s almost nev­er used. 

**Cable Cars trans­port peo­ple around the slums, con­nect­ed to the Iron­Trunks

***Cli­mate change had made the finan­cial mar­kets unwork­able. Currency’s fluxed vio­lent­ly and organ­i­sa­tions found trad­ing impos­si­ble. A new gold stan­dard was found in ener­gy: Uni­ver­sal­ly desired and unbe­liev­ably use­ful, Ener­gy soon became the new glob­al stan­dard. Gov­ern­ments issued bar-cod­ed notes that could be trad­ed for fixed amounts of ener­gy, or indeed any oth­er com­mod­i­ty a per­son want­ed. The change in currency’s changed the world, ener­gy company’s found them­selves in very favor­able sit­u­a­tion, Finan­cial invest­ment in the ener­gy sec­tor tripled, new com­pa­nies and tech­nolo­gies thrived. One of the new technology’s to appear was the Iron­Tree project, that would change the world. ***

The world’s human pop­u­la­tion had been boom­ing uncon­trol­lably for many years, how­ev­er the num­ber of peo­ple grew even more with the erad­i­ca­tion of dis­ease and sick­ness. ‘Health slips’ plant­ed under the skin at the back of the neck mon­i­tored the body’s elec­tri­cal field, tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­a­tion and blood chem­istry: even able to mon­i­tor changes at the cel­lar lev­el using an extrap­o­lat­ed, tri­an­gu­lat­ed sim­u­la­tion of the body. the tech­nol­o­gy was so sen­si­tive that it could detect micro­scop­ic changes in the body. Dam­aged and sick cells are now vapor­ized by tiny bursts of focused elec­tri­cal ener­gy. Health slips also repro­gram and destroy rogue Nanoro­bot­ic devices. Health slips func­tions like a queen bee: work­ing with Nanoro­bot­ic devices to per­form a huge range of func­tions: mak­ing every­one health­i­er.

The devel­op­ment of the first arti­fi­cial enti­ties were cel­e­brat­ed around the world. Mil­lions of peo­ple could talk simul­ta­ne­ous­ly to the entity’s who were soon elect­ed into polit­i­cal office. This was the great­est tri­umph of democ­ra­cy ever where the options of every­one were con­sid­ered. In prac­tice these cold & cal­cu­lat­ing enti­ties did what was best for mankind, but addi­tion­al­ly were incred­i­bly cold. They strug­gled to under­stand many human con­cepts like reli­gion and phi­los­o­phy whilst excelling at sci­ence, math­e­mat­ics and eco­nom­ics. The answer was to come in a fur­ther devel­op­ment, A new gen­er­a­tions were devel­oped that would mim­ic human behav­ior. Direct brain scan’s cre­at­ed even more sophis­ti­cat­ed designs mak­ing the enti­ties even more human-like. The prob­lem was that many arti­fi­cial enti­ties came up with many very unpop­u­lar policy’s that would fun­da­men­tal­ly change how the society’s would func­tion. The answer was sim­ple: Nation­al­ist sub­rou­tines were added/brain scans (to ensure loy­al­ty). These new enti­ties soon real­ized that civ­i­liza­tion as it cur­rent­ly stood was unsus­tain­able. …a war between machines. 

.…Tech­nol­o­gy had become incred­i­bly effi­cient, cheap yet pow­er­ful immune sup­port devices (ISD’s) pow­ered by the body’s own elec­tri­cal field mon­i­tored, and helped destroy infec­tions & stray Nantes. A whole range of technology’s aug­ment­ed the human lungs, fil­ter­ing out both the filth of the streets and some of the haz­ards asso­ci­at­ed with heavy indus­try. Advances in tech­nol­o­gy and effi­cien­cy had come at a great cost to mankind. Many of the bet­ter jobs had been tak­en over and auto­mat­ed by com­put­er enti­ties, The stock mar­ket had become entire­ly auto­mat­ed and far too com­pli­cat­ed for the stan­dard human mind to under­stand. All the design and intel­lec­tu­al jobs had been assumed by com­put­er enti­ties mak­ing the human being a rather inef­fi­cient & embar­rass­ing rel­ic of an ear­li­er time. Nation­al­ist machines argued and fought, play­ing end­less child­ish games of pol­i­tics and eco­nom­ics com­pet­ing for dom­i­nance see­ing their human pop­u­la­tions as work­ers, as the unem­ployed and as eco­nom­ic units. For­eign coun­tries were rav­aged by these enti­ties look­ing to extract both prof­its and mate­ri­als to grow and out-com­pete the oth­er machines. 

**Com­put­er enti­ties have replaced nor­mal gov­ern­ments, These enti­ties ruled over both the human and oth­er enti­ties mim­ic­k­ing the behav­iors of their human coun­ter­parts. Pow­er­ful and all encom­pass­ing rules were cre­at­ed to reg­u­late the mar­kets, con­trol tax’s and every part of human life. just like pre­vi­ous human gov­ern­ments, the new rulers put riots down quick­ly and effec­tive­ly. Human neur­al-lin­guis­tic pro­gram­mers had direct con­nec­tions with their cre­ations who could learn and process incred­i­ble amounts of data, but lacked the adapt­abil­i­ty some humans have. 

per­son­al­ly I think the inter­net will change beyond all recon­di­tion. In a way we are all wait­ing for a think­ing com­put­er enti­ty to rise. I don’t think such a thing will unless we cre­ate it, how­ev­er if we did cre­ate one it would change every­thing. Can you imag­ine gov­ern­ments, stock mar­kets, research, design, every high tech thing being auto­mat­ed and con­trolled by com­put­er enti­ties? It would make new forms of human soci­ety pos­si­ble where every cit­i­zen is in direct con­tact with the gov­ern­ment 24/7. Where the needs of every­one are con­sid­ered and pol­i­cy cre­at­ed accord­ing­ly. Any think­ing com­put­er enti­ty would have the entire col­lec­tive human knowl­edge and his­to­ry at it’s fin­ger tips, it would know all lan­guages, etc. 

it’s just an idea but maybe the world would ma much bet­ter more effi­cient place. 

Pover­ty was nev­er a big issue when the human race were the run­ning the show, but it seemed even less of one now the Com­put­er Entity’s were in charge. The gap between the rich and the poor had been grow­ing for the past five hun­dred years. Advanced technology’s had pro­longed

The coral complex’s that fea­tured areas of genet­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied coral could be used to cre­ate almost per­fect qual­i­ty air, ener­gy and food. these coral complex’s were con­nect­ed to wealthy areas sup­ply­ing them with find qual­i­ty food, air and 

Whilst approach­ing the bar I noticed a ball of tat­tered rags lay­ing on the floor wrapped around a passed out body. I couldn’t tell it’s age, it was quite hon­est­ly hard to tell if it was even alive. A large, well mus­cled black bounc­er, arms fold­ed looked through me, ‘Wait in the Cue’ he snapped, ‘unless… you’ve got a spe­cial entry pass’… The man looked as if he had been import­ed, his Eng­lish was native and he looked very out of place. ‘The best way of avoid­ing cor­rup­tion is to iso­late, and pay well’… cer­tain­ly this guy didn’t look like he had been here long. ‘I won’t ask you again, Pay up or get to the back!’. I put my hand into my pock­et, pushed a few notes into his hand and then walked past into the bar. 

…As I entered the bar the first thing I noticed was the smell, it smelled as if the room in front of me con­tained a lake of ethanol. The sound proofed walls held back a tor­rent of noise, This club looked as if it had once been a con­cert hall for cla­si­cal music. I looked up to see four oval balcony’s, Tables and chairs stuck out errat­i­cal­ly from each of the balcony’s, seat’s long ago ripped out to make way for more peo­ple. Lights flashed in ran­dom sequence Nanites, it seemed could be pro­grammed by black-mar­ket traders to quick­ly con­vert near­ly any liv­ing mass into alco­hol. Potent yet almost undrink­able to all but the most alco­holic. I walked through crowds of peo­ple, look­ing for my con­tact. **marked with green above her head*** holo­grams, eye implants. 

I ques­tioned the price, it seemed the strongest spirit’s that would burn to the touch were some of the cheap­est. It was almost sui­ci­dal not to dilute that alco­hol. Bot­tles were cheap, recy­cled plas­tic bot­tles from the 1990’s and 2000’s. They looked as if they had not even been cleaned, not that it mat­tered. The strength of the alco­hol would surly kill any liv­ing thing. The bar ten­ders ran blue flash­ers over the bot­tles that would knock out and destroy any rogue Nantes still work­ing in those bot­tles. I had heard rumors that some of the alco­hol had been cre­at­ed by break­ing down sub­merged corpses: peo­ple the gangs in this city want­ed gone. 

My thoughts returned to my *per­fect child­hood. That much cov­et­ed Sim­u­lat­ed Amer­i­can child­hood based more on fic­tion than real­i­ty. I’d had every advan­tage, yes these peo­ple in this oppres­sive, packed bar, this was all they knew. They danced and drank and par­tied as if it was the end of the world, and in all hon­esty it seemed like it was. It seemed when every­thing else was tak­en away all they had was each oth­er.