When I was at school the number one most focused on subject was Science, more so English, Math and IT which seemed to come second to the sciences. Many Britians seem to be naturally sceptical, so science seem to suit us well. To me and my countrymen Evolution seems as logical and as natural as many other widely accepted theories like gravity or heredity, in fact it’s accepted by 80% of Britain’s, but only 40% of Americans agree with the following statement:


The reasons why fewer people believe in the US are numerous and I will return to these ideas later. Lets get started with and Q and A then!

What is Evolution exactly, and why should I care? 

Evolution is a body of ideas that explains how, and why living things change over time. It also explains how the earth can have around 8.7 species and how they came to be. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about evolution that i’ll do my best to address.

The last point is easy to answer, it’s our history! Learning about our history tells us about who we are, and can help put our life into context. Hundreds of billions of your ancestors fought for life for countless aeons so that we might live, isn’t it nice to appreciate what they went through so we can be here today. 

A theory of small things

Explain this:

million  The above image has been going around Facebook, though it’s misleading for many reasons even without the text. The simple answer is some traits are more popular than others: The less popular traits are bread out of us by natural selection. One simple example of this is walking on two legs. Humans that were better, for whatever reason at walking on two legs had an advantage, they could hunt more easily, move more quickly, use less energy, or were just more effective in life. This allowed them to survive more easily than those with the “Bad walking” genes and so, over millions of years the “Good walking” genes became more popular. Women would be attracted to more successful men and vice versa,     

Having a good understanding of genetics really helps understand evolution [Read more here]

 Explain this:

Life has been around on earth for 3.5 – 4 billion years on earth, spending around 2 billion of those years as very simple single celled organisms. 

Many Christians in the UK believe evolution’s how God chose to create the billions of kinds of plant and animal life on earth, where as this idea doesn’t seem as popular in the US. There’s been a rise in people who believe in the literal truth of the Bible, as if it was an accurate record of events, but historically this wasn’t so. The Bible historically was taken allegorically, that is to say, truth can be found between the lines and that the meaning arises through contemplation.