Some people like to criticize America for various reasons; so I thought I would post 7 Great Things about the USA.

    1. Freedom of speech: Many nations have some freedom of speech but more and more nations; like the UK, Europe and elsewhere are sending people to prison over Facebook posts and so-called ‘Hate speech’. American freedom of speech is pretty great and Americans should defend it! Silicon Valley and the Russian KGB need to be reminded that they don’t have a monopoly of truth and they should not be meddling in the politics of other nations.

    2. The Constitution: The US is lucky to have such a great almost utopian document to defend their basic rights. The UK doesn’t have a formal Constitution and so our freedoms can be chipped away at over time.

    3. Research and technology: China may be the world’s workshop but the USA still leads the world in research and development and science. Americans were the first people to land on the moon and still lead the world in R&D. If you want to conduct research the USA is still probably the best place to conduct it! The rest of the world benefits from the drugs developed by US medical research companies as well as other research and developments coming from the US. Still, there seems to be a huge divide in America between the technocrats (scientists, academics) and the general public. 

    4. The United States remains the world’s sole superpower- and though the US isn’t always the most peaceful of nations it’s influence, as well as the threat of nuclear war, has kept other nations in check and has helped make the world more peaceful. in 1914 Europe started one of the bloodiest wars in history – today such a thing is totally inconceivable. The USA’s massive defence spending also makes defence cheaper for other nations that would otherwise need to spend far more.

    5. The Triumph of Capitalism: Capitalism is often criticized as a force for bad by activists, though actually, the reverse is true. Capitalism is a system whereby the rich, and increasingly anyone with expertise, an idea and passion can start a business and compete in the market. Though unchecked corporatism can cause problems, the rise of Capitalism around the world is helping to end poverty. Capitalism turns people from victims to the master of their own destiny. In 1990 36% of the world lived in poverty. Today less than 10% of people live on $1.90 or less. 

    6. Anti-corruption: Corruption is a huge problem in many parts of the world. Corruption sucks the life out of economies and is a huge barrier to a nations financial success. The US is very hot on Anti-corruption laws and is a force for good in the world.

    7. Hollywood and Culture – American culture has spread around the globe and has had a huge impact outside of the USA. Shows like Star Trek, the Simpsons, Star Wars, The Big Bang Theory, Friends and others have shown the world other ways of thinking and have had a huge impact on people around the world.