Can you tell me about your educational journey?

Certainly. Like many in the UK, I attended several schools, with a focus on The Wavell School as my last one. While it was a good school overall, the social structure presented challenges. It provided a solid foundation in subjects like math, science, art, design, and IT.

How was your experience at Farnborough College of Technology?

My time there was quite liberating. In my first year, I completed a GNVQ in ICT and Business Studies. In the subsequent years, I delved into psychology, business studies, philosophy, sociology, and fine art. The college’s common room became a cherished space for making friends, enjoying pizza, and movies. Exploring new ideas and self-discovery were highlights of my college experience. Read more about Farnborough College of Technology.
Farnborough College of Technology

And your university experience at London South Bank University?

It was even more liberating. Pursuing a BA (Hons) in Game Cultures was a thrilling journey into video game design and development, combined with cultural and media studies. The program covered graphic design, 2D/3D modeling, animation, critical analysis, programming, and collaborative work. I also gained insights into marketing, advertising, perception, and textual analysis. Studying in London offered cultural enrichment through art exhibitions, museums, pubs, arcades, and theatres. Read more about London South Bank University.
London South Bank University

Did you have any notable experiences at university?

Absolutely. We had inspiring guest speakers, including Disney artists sharing drawing tips, and industry experts sharing their knowledge. Our end-of-year shows, showcasing our projects through films, were a highlight. Co-hosting a successful winter show was particularly thrilling. Collaborating in multidisciplinary teams with students specializing in sound design and video editing was rewarding. University required us to write 12 academic papers per year, honing our research and analytical skills.

Could you talk about your projects during that time?

Certainly. In 2009, I was nominated for a Golden Joystick Award at Bafta for an independently developed game called “Bogus Bunny.” Additionally, I worked on a Flash-based game project for BBC China and another for Kinetika.

How was your transition from academia to the workforce?

It was challenging. The shift from set academic goals to a more ambiguous work environment posed difficulties. I found sporadic work, such as developing interconnected spreadsheets for Powerstax, freelancing, and even working as a security guard at the Olympic Velodrome. Despite the tough job market, I gained valuable office skills and earned several NVQ certifications, including first aid at work.

Tell me about your first permanent job.

I landed my first permanent role at iSat LTD, a company specializing in RF telecommunications infrastructure in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This experience allowed me to diversify my skills, covering trade show planning, art creation, web development, social media management, copywriting, procurement, sales, tendering, financials, customer relations, database management, and Python development.The theme gathers every object in the program using i.winfo_children(): and x.extend(i.winfo_children() and then applies attributes like colours to either every class of object (such as buttons, entries, etc) or an individual object.

Age is the canvas upon which wisdom paints its masterpiece, the brushstrokes of time etching profound truths onto the tapestry of our souls, reminding us that with each passing year, we carry the weight of our experiences as lanterns to light the path ahead.


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David William Beck
David William Beck in 2023 – Taken whilst working at Rentokil Initial