During my very early school life I had a very logical, creative and studious disposition that loaned itself well to fields like Science, Maths, Art and IT.


However I struggled to relate to my peer group. I found school life difficult when socialising and would sometimes feel bullied and left out. At this time I would use computer games to relax leading to a later affinity with the medium. At this time I had a choice, to fight or to give in: I chose to fight and overcome my problems with sheer hard work, raw determination and patient persistence.
To this day I still have those qualities; I made my choice and so I’m a fighter pushing myself to achieve. My early life has become a great source of strength, motivation and has instilled in me the desire to be the best I can be.
As I moved to secondary school I faced similar challenges. At this time I started using Macromedia Flash and other tools to create films, games and artworks from the age of 12 upwards. I loved drawing and I found that artistic outlets really helped me cope whilst developing my drawing and creative skills; aided by music.


The Wavell School was partly a military school in the heart of Aldershot; it was sometimes socially  difficult to fit in although I had a few core friends who helped me through those times. Many of the students including myself suffered from low aspirations and feared an uncertain future.I didn’t enjoy the authoritarian approach but did enjoy the  schools structure. Though the school was lacking in some areas I found help and friendship from some of the hard working dedicated teachers; although others made the school even less enjoyable.

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