Developing and Mastering innate potentials for health, happiness and wellbeing.
by David Beck

For many years I’ve been interested in how people develop, and why people develop so differently even within the same culture. Whilst science has focused largely on the question of nature vs nurture, which is a very interesting field of study, I’ve been more interested in how we can apply both a range of ancient and modern techniques to help develop our innate potentials for health, happiness and wellbeing.

When I was a business studies student I can across something called ‘maslow’s hierarchy of needs’. “Explanation”

Maslow believed self actualisation was the highest *Need* and it’s one many people in the west neglect. I believe when people don’t live up to their full potential they are left feeling unhappy and this book explores steps you can take to improve your health, your feeling of wellbeing and finally how happy you feel.

When most people are children they have very little choice about how they develop, which language and skills they learn, about what they eat and the activities they perform. As they become older they gain more choices and become more independent but are still greatly affected by the people around them. I grew up in Britain and I’ve had to use a variety of skills whilst in education and work, these are using **right brain activities** – but benefit greatly from having developted other areas…, or other people all make these choices weather or not we realise it.

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