Losing weight is hard! I need stranger’s advice!

So I’m fat. I’m really sorry if this offends you. I would love some angry advice from random strangers on how to fix this! Maybe a few memes of fat people falling over would help too!

Let’s go through the list:

  1. Join the gym: Good Idea! I joined over 2 years ago and have been going on average 4 times a week. I’ve gained muscle but have not lost that much fat.
  2. Eat less: Great advice! I’ve stopped eating so much, switched to smaller meals with more fibre and protein, for example swapping cereal for 2 eggs for breakfast. It is ineffective!
  3. Eat a salad: Yep! I normally have a nice healthy salad for lunch with a little vinegar, no effect.
  4. Smoothies! Yep! I have replaced the evening meal with a vegetable-based smoothie.
  5. walk more: Yes, good advice, only I normally walk the dog for around 45 minutes and walk to the shops on a regular basis.
  6. swimming: Yes once a week.
  7. give up coffee: NEVER! is this a joke.

So yes! Any angry advice would be great because I’m running out of ideas. I have tried fasting and HITT and a bunch of other things too.


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