My Advice? Never use Orange; they’ll rip you off!

Dear head office at orange.


I got a mobile phone for work and was very happy with it. A couple of months later I lost my job so my brother took over the payments for my phone contract. Then we had some hard family times and had no money to keep paying the contract so I froze my account as advised by your call centre for 6 months, I only had 8 months left at that point. I was told on the phone you would tell me when the phone was due back online but I had no confirmation of this. A few months later I received a bill stating that I owed you £230 so I phoned you up and asked why you are charging me this amount of money? I was told that I had been charged £130 for a disconnection fee and I also have to pay the last 2 months bills of £30 a month which in total is £190, I could not pay the full amount up front and did not agree with the disconnection fee and said I want to speak to someone to challenge it. I was told that someone would call me back, which they didn’t. Then I had a family problem and had to deal with that first, the next thing I knew I had a debt company calling me saying there is an outstanding bill from orange for a payment of £243.68.I have paid the bill now having borrowed the money from my family but I still dispute the disconnection fee as well as the last two months fees. I understood that as the phone contract was frozen I would not be charged. I had not used the phone over this time.


I would like to know why I have been charged so much money and what additional fees have been added to the total for a service I had asked to be stopped.  The total was far more than if I had continued with the monthly fees and I am suffering real financial hardship as a result of your applying these charges under threat of being taken to court.


1.            I phoned your help desk on the evening of 26.9.12 to get some information about my old contract phone and to ask why my bill was so much money and why my contract was disconnected without my consent. I waited 20 minutes for an answer, when I got through.  I explained my problem and she said how can I help you then muttered something that sounded like a swear word then put the phone down on me which I find rude and offensive. I do not expect to be treated like that it’s not acceptable.

2.            I then phoned your helpline again and I spoke to a woman who tried to be helpful but could not find my account on your systems but I have just paid £143.68 to a company you deal with to collect your non paid bills called Direct Line Collections. If you do not have my account anymore why am I still being charged for the money? She said she will put me on hold and find out for me I was on hold which I had timed for 20 minute’s which is ridiculous and was not connected back to anyone.


I would appreciate if I could talk to someone about this problem and if I could find out some more details about the charges applied to my old account and why I was charged a disconnection fee when I thought I was just freezing the account.

My contact details are:

Home phone 01252 512234

Mobile phone 07787168966

What type of company are you running if your staff treats customers like this. You appear to be very disorganised with bad customer service and I am not happy with having unexpected fees applied to my account and being passed to debt collection companies without a telephone or written warning.

Unless we are able to reach an agreement over this I will not be recommending this company to anyone and will be asking everyone I know to not use your company.

Thank you