As promised here are a few tips for starting at the gym!

  • The most difficult part of joining the gym is…. joining! I had been a bit worried about joining because of minor body issues related to my weight: However, I’ve never felt uncomfortable at the gym and wish I’d of joined one sooner
  • Getting clothing for the gym is simple. I normally wear a sports T-shirt and sports shorts which are very inexpensive from Sports Direct or other sports retailers. I’d go for something cheap, comfortable and stretchy.
  • Personally, I like wearing sandals in the gym but convention dictates trainers are most appropriate. Getting air to your feet helps you stay cool and stops bacteria multiplying as much. Cool feet are healthy feet

Remember everyone joins the gym for similar reasons: To get and maintain fitness levels, to lose or gain weight, to build muscle mass, to get healthier: No matter your weight, age, background, disability or anything else I’ve found the gym is a welcoming environment full of people trying to be their best!

Gym etiquette

  • I’d thought I’d throw in a few more tips: It is polite to use a small sweat towel in the gym just to wipe the equipment. You don’t normally need to use one but I feel happier when I have one. Even a small flannel is useful!\
  • If you’d like to use some equipment and someone has been using it for a while you can politely ask how many reps they have left. This is a great way to let them know you’d like to use the equipment.
  • Don’t be afraid to say hi to people, I’ve found everyone has been friendly but some people using headphones may want to be left alone.
  • Remember every gym needs to have a health professional with health & safety training

Getting a gym power boost!

  • Coffee, before you work out is a great metabolic boost!
  • Protein, like nuts, seeds, meat and dairy can help you form bigger muscles.
  • Even things like rice and beans forms compleat proteins! ~
  • Beans, lentils, and peanuts can be combined with wheat, rice, and corn to form a compleat protein!
  • Carbohydrates and fats are a great fuel and a few carbs help to keep those muscles going!
  • Chocolate milk is a surprisingly good post-workout drink! Avoid low fat options as fat is actually very healthy!
  • Another great source of cheap protein is low-fat mozzarella.


Lastly, Omega 3 found in oily fish, flax, some nuts like walnuts, eggs and Hemp seeds has been shown to boost heart, joint and brain function! Mackerel and Cod Liver Oil are great sources.

Losing weight

Losing weight isn’t always easy. My dad has been very successful following some simple ideas I wanted to share.

  • Cut out lunch. A fasting period is great for improved health and losing weight.
  • Have eggs for breakfast and avoid toast/bread. The protein will keep you fuller for longer whereas carbohydrate based breakfasts like toast and cereal have a high GI – in short you’ll burn that energy off quickly and be hungry again. I like scrambled eggs!
  • Cut out all refined sugar like cakes and sweets and significantly reduce your carb intake (bread, potatoes, chips, rice, etc)
  • Instead, eat more fats and proteins and fresh fruit and veg. Though fruit has fructose sugars the GI is lower so they’ll keep you fuller for longer.
  • Replace chips and rice with salads and mixed veg. If you go out to a restaurant they are normally happy to change carb rich foods for lower carb ones.
  • Remember carbs raise your blood sugar, insulin is released to lower it, the insulin causes the sugars to be stored as fat and causes many nasty metabolic disorders. Fat does not cause insulin to be released, which is a good thing! 

My dad, by reducing the carbs in his diet, fasting during the day and by going to the gym has lost a lot of weight. Hopefully this method will help you too though everyone is different.  

Last Saturday I went to the gym with my dad and we’d both really enjoyed it. I have been going for a few month’s but it was all new for my dad. It was quite fun showing him how the machines worked and I even tried some Yoga and mussel stretches!

I get quite a big benefit from the gym when I go regularly and started to wonder what effect going for seven consecutive days would have.

The results are starting to come in and they’re looking great so far. I normally do around 1-2 and a half hours per session and really like to work intensively.

My skin feels nicer and tighter (maybe because of the sweating); I feel I’m losing weight; gaining muscle mass; I seem to be much busier in life generally and I also feel much better about myself. It could be my imagination but people seem to be reacting to me more positively. (It’s gotta be the mussels and good posture XD)

I think my diet’s also improved. I’m eating less; slightly more protein and I am focusing on foods low in carbs which deliver more energy over time as these are the best for a maintained workout.

After a workout, I’ve been drinking a glass of whole milk with a few spoonfuls of 50% protein hemp powder. The taste is great; Omega 3 and 6 are beautifully balanced and I found eating or drinking some protein after a workout boosted my recovery time and is well worth it personally.

I started on Saturday but I unfortunately missed Tuesday so I’ve added an extra day on; so there should be an update around Sunday.

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