I was offered places at two universities’ I had applied for, Greenwich School of Management and London South Bank.


I chose the latter university. Based in the heart of London and with a rich history, I found the three years at university very interesting and stimulating. I developed an even stronger love of reading and creative writing. I learned a huge amount about game development, media theory and many other topics, even attending other courses lectures. I built sold team working skills, presenting skills, development and artistic skills and met a wide variety of people from all backgrounds. I loved researching topics in the library, going to lectures and participating in student life. I even was nominated for an E4 Golden Joystick Award for my game Bogus Bunny. I really enjoyed living in London and made the most of the opportunity.



Though the two years after university were rocky, I gained a lot of introspection and picked up many skills from freelance and temporarily work. I found myself working online, in supermarkets, for companies like Kinetika, BBC China and Powerstax. I even found myself working as a security guard at the Olympic Velodrome. The jobs market was difficult but during this time I gained a lot of office style skills and NVQ’s, learned a lot about the jobs market and discovered myself to a greater degree. I spent some of this time in Spain farming and more of the time learning, reading and honing my skills. After ever increasing amounts of part time work I joined iSat as a social media consultant where I’m working today.


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