A short story by David W. Beck

The convoy had been in a red zone for a little over two weeks now since it had left Montana. It’s mission was a long term survey mission, considered by archaeologists to be quite a choice contract usually reserved by those who curried favour within an organisation or religious group. The five man team travelled in the family Mobile Science Laboratory Wagon (known as the MSLW).

Jasmine sat in the back of the Wagon stroking her Desert Fox which she had named Nash. She had found the poor little critter a few years earlier crying by the side of the road. Jasmine had begged her parents Amir and Hana to let her keep him, and they agreed on the condition she took full responsibility for him. Nash chewed on Jas’s hand as she stroked him, only stopping to eat the tasty crickets she gave him.


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(all rights reserved, copyright David W Beck, 25/08/2015)