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Previously I’ve worked for both Microsoft UK and MRM//McCann where I managed and moderated @MSDevUK and @TechNetUK on Twitter and Facebook using the Sprinklr and Opal social media tools. I’ve included some links to some of the content and copy I created and posted.

I created social plans for various events as well as attending Microsoft events such as #TechDaysOnline, Future Decoded and Microsoft Reactor where I would be live-tweeting and responding to fans who used the hashtags.

Microsoft UK has a very strong focus on accessibility, inclusion and using technology to improve and save lives. I chose to prioritise much of this content, especially on Microsoft TechNet which went down very well with the audience.

There was also a focus on promoting Microsoft products and technologies such as AI, Microsoft Docs, Microsoft Learn, Quantum and Q#, keeping the audience informed with product updates and other content.

I was also involved with developing the Raccoon BIT as the developer communities mascot. I would also often help solve technical problems members of the community may have or point users in the direction of someone else who could.

The audience found useful resources to be very beneficial, such as links to online presentations and events. Many Microsoft events had a large number of interesting and inspiring takes on technology and it’s expanding role within our lives.

Creating discussions and nostalgia created high engagement, great conversations, helped build the community and were widely shared.

Developer and ITPro Humour posts also worked very well to build a sense of community and shared identity.

I also created quarterly performance reports, fortnightly social listening reports, campaign reports.

I also took a wide range of training courses from Microsoft and MRM such as Advertising law, Geopolitical awareness, GDPR, Brand Strategy & more.

iSat has gone from 0 to over 2000 industry relevant twitter followers, as well as making regular broadcasts on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Blogger & YouTube. Linkedin has been particularly useful for B2B marketing and communications and has been instrumental in generating useful leads and new contracts and business cooperation. I also focused on SEO – increasing iSat’s LTD web presence significantly through both good web design and through creating high-quality links with other reputable web & news sites.

In February of 2017, my role changed from being primarily marketing based to 85% Python Programming related, working on iSat’s Robotic Feed Development. I had previously developed other python based programs such as a ‘Feed Logger’ program, which had been strictly scrutinized and approved by an in-house engineer. The Robotic Tracking Feed project was partly financed by the European Space Agency and partly by iSat LTD.

Below –  A time-lapse video of the feed in action:

The Robotic Feed Development has the ability to track over 900+ inclined satellites orbiting the earth in non-geostationary orbits, something only mobile satellite systems can usually do because of the specialized tracking equipment needed. Customers can enjoy large amounts of reliable bandwidth available at around 2/3 the cost of geostationary connections. This is incredibly useful if there are limited amounts of satellite bandwidth available due to a crowded bandwidth market. The technology developed by iSat can be fitted to both new and existing satellite ground terminals. The technology features a very competitive price point delivering returns on investment within a few months.

I created a public web-based demo of the UI, which can be found here. I was responsible for the implementation of the UI which was based on Tkinter, though other UI’s were considered such as Kivy. The program features extensive error tracking, log files, Internet connection and proxy settings, encryption, GPS compatibility & customization, auto-update of the satellites available, theme options, custom keyboards built for touchscreen use and advanced tracking options.

I created many of these features with oversight from a company engineer and our CEO in accordance with the agreed milestones. During early development, we also worked with an external programmer to help develop the program’s core tracking functionality, though the interface was created in-house. The final program came in at just under 8000 lines of code excluding external modules. 

Before my time at iSat I undertook a number of freelancing roles which are outlined in my CV.

isat image

© iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck

Social Media Consultant at iSat Ltd in Farnborough.

Marketing & Sales department: Consulted & implemented online marketing strategy, website developer, designed written & artistic marketing material, prioritized workloads, managed confidential data/contacts, innovative problem solver, researcher, Web/social developer, Created schematics and assembly guides,  generated leads, created merchandising & purchased  office work.

© iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck


© iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck

*Additionally trained as a temporary accountant & covered for a colleague’s holiday time. (tracked purchase & sales orders in sage)
Examples of my work at iSat:

Above: iSat satellite feed adjustment program GUI written with Python Tkinter.
iSat coordinator python program – © iSat LTD, created by David W. Beck

I’ve been enjoying learning Python, it’s a powerful language with a huge number of applications. One of the first full programs I wrote was the Logging program which tracks the position of satellites and records the data in an external file at the desired interval.

At the start of a new minute, the program records coordinates, prints and exports them into a new or existing CSV (Excel) file.

The second full program was iSat’s satellite feed adjustment program. I was part of a small team, and I focused mostly on UI development.

I enjoyed writing the program and came up with many innovative solutions to problems.

Read More about this Python project. 


Developed depreciated) and created a book cover for “The Algorithm”.

Designed the book cover for ‘The Algorithm’ by Tim Jarman

Freelance virtual worker at vWorker, Blue Arrow, Powerstax & Self employed.

I undertook a series of freelance projects including: Flash based, Image creation, Video editing, Web Development, Game Development, Social Media, Copy, Marketing.

Writer and artist on ‘A Burrow Full Of Rabbits, Creative Bedtime Stories’ available on Amazon for digital download.

A Burrow Full of Rabbits is a creative bedtime story for children and adults alike. Written using the ancient mystical poetic form know as Haiku this short, well illustrated book tells the story of brother and sister rabbit who talk about what it would be like to be a cat. Also features a short introduction to Haiku for adults and all about rabbits for children.

Designer, developer and programmer on ‘Spawn; A ‘Ribbiting’ Adventure’ at London South Bank University 2010

Lead a small team of Game Culture and Sonic Media students to create Spawn. A fun, challenging Flash based platform game. Our hero, a young and daring frog named Spawn has to overcome five levels and a dangerous final boss to save his family from the slag mafia lead by the oversized slug King Plato.  The game featured pre-rendered 3D effects, scenes, and background, a beautiful Soundscape that enhances the immersive environment. Spawn wasn’t just game; it was a state of mind and a calm place the player could visit whenever they wanted. A demo reel for Spawn can be seen here.


Developed 10 Flash games and apps as part of an ARG for Kinetika 2010.

As part of a small team, I developed 10 Flash-based games and applications for the ImagiNation ARG Project and took hundreds of photographs of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, as well as other content. Technology’s included XML integration in Flash and Facebook connectivity. The projects sponsored by London 2012.

3D static and level design at  London South Bank University 2007 – 2010.

3D Modelling: Created multiple low-poly assets from scratch; Later imported them into the Unreal engine.
3D static and level design at  London South Bank University. (2007 – 2010)

3D Map/Game: Created a large 3D map in Unreal. A video created for the project can be seen here.

I created the music using Logic Pro.

3D films: Created in, then exported from 3DSMax. We Didn’t Start The Fire was a short film that can be viewed here.

I was the sole developer and programmer on ‘Bogus Bunny’.

Bogus Bunny was a finalist in the E4 Golden Joystick Awards (2009).

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