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I have created all the artwork on this page using a variety of tools, including:

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The Renaissance Paradox

The Renaissance Paradox: A Tapestry of Divinity, Rebellion, and Legacy

'The Renaissance Paradox: A Tapestry of Divinity, Rebellion, and Legacy' created by a mix of photoshop and AI

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Vector Fox

Illustration of a fox in vector style

An elegant vector representation of a fox.

Personal Coat of Arms

A coat of arms symbolizing personal values and heritage.

A personal coat of arms, capturing symbols of heritage, values, and individuality. Each element within the design holds specific meaning and significance.

3D University Files

3D models from university project

3D assets I created during my time at university.

Abstract Sun

Abstract depiction of the sun

An abstract portrayal of the sun, illuminating in its radiant colours.

Cartoon Rabbit

Illustration of a cartoon rabbit

A whimsical cartoon rabbit from a book I authored titled 'A Burrow Full of Rabbits'.

Spawn Game

Screenshot from the game 'Spawn'

A snapshot from a game I developed at university named 'Spawn'.

Python Generated Image

Image created using Python code

An intricate visual created programmatically using Python.

Beautiful Sunset

Scenic sunset view

A mesmerizing sunset, capturing the beauty of nature's colors.

Brain Explosion Artwork

An artwork depicting a brain explosion.

This artwork showcases a brain explosion, symbolizing overwhelming thoughts or information overload. It is a dramatic representation of mental states, created with intricate detail.

Bunny in Rome

A cartoon bunny in a Roman setting.

A delightful depiction of a cartoon bunny amidst the ancient architecture of Rome. The contrast between the playful bunny and the historic backdrop makes for an engaging piece.

Web Development Snapshot

A snapshot from web development activities.

This image provides a glimpse into the world of web development, with elements and codes that are quintessential to the digital realm.

Crazy Eye Chemicals

An abstract representation of eyes and chemicals.

An abstract art piece capturing the chaotic interplay between eyes and chemicals, possibly hinting at the effects substances can have on perception.

3D Crab

A 3D representation of a crab.

This image showcases a meticulously crafted 3D representation of a crab, highlighting the creature's intricate anatomy and the wonders of digital art.

Fox and Hound Vector Art

A vector illustration of a fox and a hound

This vector artwork depicts the playful and curious interaction between a fox and a hound, showcasing vibrant colors and precise linework.

Frame from an Animation

A snapshot from an animated sequence

A captivating frame from one of the animations, capturing the essence of movement and storytelling through visual design.

Geometric Squares Art

A geometric pattern made up of squares

This image represents a structured yet intricate geometric design made entirely of squares, exuding a sense of balance and harmony.

Island from an Animation

A picturesque island scene from an animation

A serene depiction of an island scene from an animation, reflecting a paradise-like setting complete with lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters.

Mandela Squares Art

An artwork made up of intricate Mandela squares

This artwork presents a series of Mandela-inspired squares, reflecting the precision and intricacy that goes into each design element.

Mixed 3D Imagery

A collection of 3D generated images showcasing various objects and scenes.

A diverse collection of 3D visualizations, showcasing a range of objects, textures, and environments. Each image demonstrates a unique design perspective and attention to detail.

Mixed Art Collection

A mix of different artistic creations ranging from sketches to digital arts.

This collection captures a fusion of traditional sketches and digital designs, highlighting versatility and a wide breadth of artistic capabilities.

Old 3D Artworks

Collection of early 3D artworks showing different objects and scenes.

Exploring the world of 3D artistry with earlier creations, each image here provides a glimpse into the evolution of design skills and artistic approach.

Pixel Art Display

Detailed pixel art showcasing intricate designs and patterns.

Pixel art brings back the nostalgia of early video gaming. This piece, with its detailed patterns and vibrant colors, is a testament to the charm and allure of pixelated designs.

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