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The images showcased here have predominantly been created to support my YouTube channel. I often utilize tools like Bing Image Creator and ChatGPT, powered by DALLยทE 3, for this purpose.

If you're interested in viewing images I've personally drawn, please click here ๐ŸŽจ โœ๏ธ .


This digital artwork, co-created with ChatGPT 4 'AuroraWave AI' instance, is inspired by classical music and the double helix structure of DNA. It features symmetrical, colorful waves that gracefully emerge and converge at the center, echoing the complex patterns of life and music. Each interaction with the piece generates a new wave formation, creating a dynamic blend of art and science. This interactive experience invites viewers to engage with the underlying rhythms of nature and music, embodying a harmonious fusion of technology and organic design. Note: When viewed on a PC a better blend technique is used.

Bing DK image

Created by Bing and ChatGPT Prompt: death knight image

Created by Bing and ChatGPT Prompt: A hauntingly dark scene inspired by the Icecrown Citadel, with an assemblage of fearsome bosses on the left, including a humanoid council member in elaborate robes and a mad scientist with a plague mask, amidst other formidable characters from the game's universe. On the right, dominating the image is the close-up of an orc Death Knight's face, with piercing blue eyes and sallow skin, holding a hefty tanking axe. A sinister blood aura should be radiating from him, all set aga

AI-Generated Woman

AI-generated image of a woman

A fascinating depiction of a woman generated entirely by Bing's image generator AI.

AI-Generated Dog Grooming Advert

AI-generated Catz Bark and Brush Poster

AI-generated Catz Bark and Brush Poster edited in photoshop and Canva - A Christmas poster inspired by '' for a dog grooming business, featuring a cute dog wearing a Christmas hat. The dog is in the center, surrounded by a white circle. The background showcases a wintery scene with pine trees, exuding a winter wonderland vibe. The color scheme is inspired by teal, adding a festive and unique touch to the poster, reflecting the style of ''. Visit Catz Bark and Brush, a site made by Tim Jarman and myself.

I made StarWars in ChatGPT

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