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My name’s David W. Beck. Thank you for viewing my portfolio website.

I’ve been working for the past six years as a Programmer and Marketing Specialist at iSat Ltd, a satellite communications infrastructure SME . I’ve been made redundant because of company business model restructuring and I’m looking for a new role.

I have solid experience in Python development, Targeted B2B Social Media Marketing and management, marketing material creation, marketing strategy planning and implementation as well as other ad hoc roles and company requirements.

Marketing activities have included creating written copy and graphics content such as brochures ( 1 | 2 ) and promotional banners for tradeshows & events, communicating the press with industry publications, building & designing the iSat website and datasheets as well as the host of other jobs such as purchasing, sales, helping to create, print and organize company tenders.

iSat has gone from 0 to over 2000 industry relevant twitter followers, as well as making regular broadcasts on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Blogger & YouTube. Linkedin has been particularly useful for B2B marketing and communications and has been instrumental in generating useful leads and new contracts and business cooperation. I also focused on SEO – increasing iSat’s LTD web presence significantly through both good web design and through creating high-quality links with other reputable web & news sites.

In February of 2017 my role changed from being primarily marketing based to 85% Python Programming related, working on iSat’s Robotic Feed Development. I had previously developed other python based programs such as a ‘Feed Logger’ program, which had been strictly scrutinized and approved by an in-house engineer. The Robotic Tracking Feed project was partly financed by the European Space Agency and partly by iSat LTD.

Below –  A time-lapse video of the feed in action:

The Robotic Feed Development has the ability to track over 900+ inclined satellites orbiting the earth in non-geostationary orbits, something only mobile satellite systems can usually do because of the specialized tracking equipment needed. Customers can enjoy large amounts of reliable bandwidth available at around 2/3 the cost of geostationary connections. This is incredibly useful if there are limited amounts of satellite bandwidth available due to a crowded bandwidth market. The technology developed by iSat can be fitted to both new and existing satellite ground terminals. The technology features a very competitive price point delivering returns on investment within a few months.

I created a public web-based demo of the UI, which can be found here. I was responsible for the implementation of the UI which was based on Tkinter, though other UI’s were considered such as Kivy. The program features extensive error tracking, log files, Internet connection and proxy settings, encryption, GPS compatibility & customization, auto-update of the satellites available, theme options, custom keyboards built for touchscreen use and advanced tracking options.

I created many of these features with oversight from a company engineer and our CEO in accordance with the agreed milestones. During early development, we also worked with an external programmer to help develop the program’s core tracking functionality, though the interface was created in-house. The final program came in at just under 8000 lines of code excluding external modules. 

Before my time at iSat I undertook a number of freelancing roles which are outlined on my CV. Prior to these roles, I attended London South Bank University located in the heart of London.

London South Bank university logo.


BA (Hons) Game Cultures 2:1

What attracted me to this degree was it focused on many aspects of computer game production and design within a humanities and media studies perspective. It covered both the critical academic framework as well as practical skills like 3D modeling, world creation and an introduction to programming and sound design.

The course was multi-disciplinary with many modules being shared with Sonic Media and Film studies students which enabled some interesting collaborations – considering the historical ties of game developers and sound engineers.

In my free time, I enjoy painting, writing, going to the gym, computer games – gardening and framing in Spain on a family smallholding. I also love traveling – especially walking holidays and driving around Europe.
I’m also learning the Python programming language and I’m writing a book called ‘Copper Blood‘.

Recent News:

So I thought I would write an analysis of a game I enjoy:

Is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs compatible with Rimworld?

I’ve signed up for four Udemy courses which include:

Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer

Complete Java Masterclass

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

I would like to gain proficiency in these four powerful languages.  I’m starting with the Python course as this is the language I have the most experience in. I’ve used C# briefly in the past too though I’m new to Java and JavaScript.

I’ve been updating my GoodReads and writing a few reviews – here are some of my favorites:

my favorites shelf: 

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Google can often seem pretty ubiquitous on the internet. I’ve written a handy guide discussing alternatives to Google’s products here: http://www.dwbeck.com/escape_from_google/

I’ve been practicing making video’s – this is my latest one!


vent (1)
Venture into the drylands available on Kindle now.

I have been attending the Gym now for more than a year and my dads been going for 6 months and has already lost a stone and a half. In this post, I’ve shared a few tips on getting started at the gym as well as a diet that works.