Is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comparable with Rimworld?

How randomness in Rimworld creates a fun and immersive story driven experience.

With almost a million owners, Rimworld could be said to be an indie game done right. The game is quickly approaching version 1.0 – having been in Beta since November 2017. The game is a top-down construction and management simulation set on another planet in a dystopian future. The game features AI storytellers that have variable difficulty levels, these include Cassandra Classic, Phoebe Chillax and Randy Random. The AI’s affect when random events should take place – the nature of these events and the severity, which increases over time. The difficulty also increases or decreases the base mood of the colonists.

After setting up the scenario, planet conditions, choosing your storyteller, difficulty, the colonists and the crash site, the player finds themselves with usually 3 or four colonists who have crash landed on the planet and must survive. The player must then priorities what the colonists should work on, with each colonist having different skills which affects their work skills – so for example a ‘pawn’ (a term used to describe a colonist) may be very good at building which both speeds up construction and reduces the chances construction will fail. Another pawn may be good at creating art, which can be useful in generating income in the later game through trading with other groups on the planet.

The Early Game – Shelter and temperature control

So the early game involves the player viewing the map to see what resources may be there, what land formations may be useful and any possible dangers. The player should find a location where a basic house, or room can be constructed which will give the pawns somewhere to sleep. Additionally on very cold or very warm maps the room can be equipped with heating or cooling (Or both). Both heating and cooling will generally require electricity, though passive coolers may be available if the player has chosen to start with less technology. In the early game the player generally has access to both solar panels and wind turbines which provide intermittent power. This power can be stored in a battery.


On crash landing the pawns will generally have about a weeks worth of food. The player would be wise to get this food and other materials into a room, or preferably a cold room for perishable food. A cold room can use cooling to lower the temperature to around freezing meaning the food will last forever. The player had two options depending on the map and conditions – they can either gather food from the local area which may be growing naturally, healing herbs and stimulants can also sometimes be gathered too. The second option is to farm. The game by default has a range of food, medical crops and trees which can be planted in a designated area.

Getting more pawns

Colonies can grow in a number of ways. One of these is capturing an enemy during a raid, locking them in a prison and convincing them to join you. Sometimes people also seek sanctuary from their enemies in your colony, but you may need to fight off their enemies. There are also other ways to grow the colony.


The health of the pawns is another basic need. The pawn’s health will slowly deteriorate with age, however accidents like cave-ins or being attacked will also lower health. It is possible to replace organs if an organ is damaged – and if the pawn is addicted to a drug they can become free of the drug but will suffer withdraw. There is a drug called Luciferin which will significantly boost the pawns abilities, however the pawn will die unless a good supply of Luciferin can be maintained. There are methods, such as suspended animation pods, that can be used in the late game if the supply of Luciferin runs out.

Medium Game

This game roughly mirrors Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow which basically relates to human motivation. The theory states the most basic needs must be taken care of first before the higher needs should be taken out. In Rimworld, for example, a colony that specializes in art and neglects food will be unlikely to survive very long.

The physical needs include bedrooms or bunkhouses, some food should be grown and cooked and frozen. This task is ongoing, but once a stable source of food is established other tasks can be undertaken.

Safely is next: So this includes creating weapons to fight off an attacking tribe: these can be in the form of swords, sticks, guns or even automated guns when the materials are available. Additionally building fortifications will give your pawns an advantage in battle.

Safely also includes protection from the elements, so this includes heating and cooling houses as well as making clothing, which also requires fur from animals or cloth from cotton plants. A pawn will require a tailor’s workbench to create clothes.

A player may also need to mine materials such as metals which are used in trade and construction. Silver is used as the game’s currency.

Social needs come next – once the basic colony is working a player should increase the time pawns spend sleeping. This seems to improve their mood and reduce the chance they will be afflicted by a mental breakdown. Leisure time can also be set where pawns will play games such as horseshoe pin, chess, Billiards Table and even TV’s in the later game. Communal areas should be established, such as a dining room. The pawns gain a lot of pleasure from ‘eating at table’.

Beer and ‘smokeleaf‘ production takes work and time – however it’s well worth it as these items can make a pawn happier as well as providing nutrition and mild pain relief in the case of smokeleaf.

Additionally some pawns may pair off and they will probably want to share a double bed. Also if one of the colonists is killed in a raid, for example, this will make the other pawns who knew them very sad. If a large number of colonists die the resulting unhappiness can create a despair spiral which can actually end a colony.

Esteem Needs come next – Once the colony has built up some silver reserves, it is possible to start to build strong trading relations with other tribes. Some traders will come to trade normally with you, but later on you can create trade groups yourself or pay other groups to send a trading party. This is a great way to secure materials such as components for construction or other materials, or animals, which can be bread and provide fur and meat and can be farmed.

Pawns can form a strong bond with an animal, which becomes their pet – pets will however need food. If the pet is a carnivore it may need to hunt for food, or will eat your colony’s food reserves if it is allowed to roam in that area.

So Esteem is primarily generated through letting the pawn work in the area they love. Some skills will generate happiness. The below image shows that for Doc Mining will generate a lot of happiness for this pawn. Doc will also learn mining more quickly. The success of a colony can depend on having pawns utilizing the skills they are best at, however once the colony is stable, allowing colonists to specialize at the tasks they enjoy will improve their overall happiness.

Self-actualization comes last.

Google defines self-actualisation as:

the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

In RimWorld self-actualization comes from a pawns individual needs being fulfilled. It’s hard to generalize as every pawn will have different needs. The following pawn doesn’t look to be having a very good time. Things like building an impressive looking colony that contains valuable items made from fine materials like gold and jade, an impressive large bedroom, a job they enjoy, good relationships with the other colonists and good health all contribute to happiness. Each individual has a needs tab which lets the player know what the pawn wants to make them happy.

So having played the base game, as well as playing with many mods, RimWorld does leave you with with the story of life. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is just as true in RimWorld as it is in our own, though the pawns in this game and real people have a fundamental difference. Psychological research on happiness suggests our levels of happiness remain largely consistent over the long term. We have a tenancy to take things for granted. Perhaps on a happier note we should take away from this a happier message. A large source of happiness in RimWorld comes from doing a job you enjoy, family and community, Good food and beer! Perhaps we should try to appreciate everything we have and to count our blessings.

Losing weight is hard! I need stranger’s advice!

So I’m fat. I’m really sorry if this offends you. I would love some angry advice from random strangers on how to fix this! Maybe a few memes of fat people falling over would help too!

Let’s go through the list:

  1. Join the gym: Good Idea! I joined over 2 years ago and have been going on average 4 times a week. I’ve gained muscle but have not lost that much fat.
  2. Eat less: Great advice! I’ve stopped eating so much, switched to smaller meals with more fibre and protein, for example swapping cereal for 2 eggs for breakfast. It is ineffective!
  3. Eat a salad: Yep! I normally have a nice healthy salad for lunch with a little vinegar, no effect.
  4. Smoothies! Yep! I have replaced the evening meal with a vegetable-based smoothie.
  5. walk more: Yes, good advice, only I normally walk the dog for around 45 minutes and walk to the shops on a regular basis.
  6. swimming: Yes once a week.
  7. give up coffee: NEVER! is this a joke.

So yes! Any angry advice would be great because I’m running out of ideas. I have tried fasting and HITT and a bunch of other things too.


Excerpts from Copper Blood, a book by David Beck.

Copper Blood is going well. I have written another 25000 words and I’m loving writing the story!

The books currently called Copper Blood, its set in a dystopian future and centers around a special 17-year-old called Sam who has spent his whole life in a self-contained boarding school called the Eden Academy. Sam has to sink or swim when he’s forced out of his school by a terrorist attack on the building. Sam explores this strange new world where the gap between the rich and the poor is huge; where global governance has broken down and where a secret war waged in the shadows. Sam also has a secret that could cost him his life.

I’m aiming for about 90,000 to 110,000 words, Here are some early excerpts:

Sam wasn’t sure if he was dreaming… he didn’t even know if he was awake, but he did know something… or someone was at the door. His heart thumped in his chest and his body froze in terror. His eyes were eyes wide with fear as he stared at the door. Did he hear a knock or did he dream it? Images of the cyborgs were still running through his head. Sam remembered the subdued fear Mr Morris had tried to hide and that strange lady he had seen in the corridor, could it be her at the door? Another three loud knocks rang through the door. Sam knew for sure someone was there now.”

Sam turned off the light and laid back on the bed. Sleep didn’t find him as quickly this time after his nightmare. He wondered who the lady in the corridor was who peeked through the crack in her door. He felt sure that she had turned her light off earlier when he and Morris were being escorted home by that androgynous cyborg. A terrifying revelation suddenly dawned on him that made the hairs on his neck stand on end, the light Sam had seen flicker off earlier was his light! He recounted the windows in his mind, his was the third window on the third floor… his room. Someone else; apart from Mr Morris must have a key. Sam wondered if he was safe; would this elusive person return when he was sleeping? He looked over at the steel table behind the door, it was laying on its side and had been bolted down; shotgun shells at its base. Was someone looking for the room’s former occupant?”.

It’s still early days, but I’m starting to care about what happens to these characters.

Thank you for reading. Do you have an idea or a comment? I would love to hear from you on the contact page.

Five years in jail for women who ’emotionally bully’ husbands

Bullies who emotionally abuse partners face up to five years in prison.

Under laws coming into force today, anyone who inflicts psychological cruelty on their other halves can be prosecuted – even if there is no direct physical harm.

For the first time, domestic abusers who stop short of lashing out at their victims will be targeted with a new offence where there is evidence of ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’.

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Mike Pence Brain Replaced with Crucifix!

Mike Pence Vice president-elect of the United States of America

Mike Pence, Vice president-elect of the United States of America has today announced he will be the first Republican to have his brain entirely replaced with an idol of The Lord©. 

The surgery will be performed by a crack team of priests after doctors declined to operate saying ‘Idolatry is forbidden in the Bible’.


The Lead priest stated:

‘The key step in making Brain to Cross transplants (B2C) possible is the ability to connect nerve fibers from the Crucifix to the native spinal cord’


Mike Pence is expected to make a full recovery with no decline in cognitive functioning.


Prior to being appointed ‘Evangelical cheerleader’ by Donald Trump Mr Pence was famous for not understanding what a scientific theory was.

He’s also a favorite of the billionaire Koch brothers who’s business models involve making the earth uninhabitable.

Pence also enjoys removing LGBT rights supporting the rights of business to deny service to people based on their sexuality.